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SOLUTIONS for Customer Experience Measurement

If making and/or taking calls is at the heart of your business, then the ability to review that interaction may as well be your eyes, ears and hands. SoundRecall™ is a full-suite of call center call recording, performance management and customer experience measurement software solutions that allow you to see the needs of your customers in more detail than ever, hear exactly what they have to say and give your company a better feel for how to best serve them.

The SoundRecall™ solution includes modules that make up “from hello to goodbye and beyond” of the callers complete interaction. And provides a “cradle to grave” reporting to empower management team to make decisions based on accurate and meaningful customer experience measurement information.

• Recording calls for compliance
• Monitor calls to optimize agent performance
• Agent evaluation and analytics
• Record-on-demand with voice-signature verification
• Screen capture
• VoIP recording/monitoring
• Remotely service-observe call center agents from anywhere
• Direct CRM system integration
• 3rd part call monitoring
• Customer Feedback System – (Integrated web and voice Survey)
• Automated customer interaction solutions

As a powerful customer experience measurement tool that is remarkably user-friendly and simple to deploy, SoundRecall was designed to cater to organizations that have 2 things in mind: their customers, and their bottom line.

SoundRecall’s versatility leverages open standards and non-proprietary hardware to integrate into existing infrastructure and can be configured to integrate with your current CRM or business systems, giving you the freedom to select the most efficient and convenient method to access recorded customer interactions without modifying your interface.

By taking a modular approach to deployment that speaks to its adaptability and scalability, SoundRecall provides companies the option to buy only what it requires at any given time, allowing users to continuously build upon an initial investment and incorporating more advanced technologies as needs evolve.

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