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SoundNotes Technology Inc., Canada’s leading call-recording solutions provider, today unveiled a limited time 2-prong promotion called SoundRecall Your Call center !, designed to make it simple and inexpensive for organizations to seamlessly integrate new recording technology into a pre-existing infrastructure, as well as provide an incentive to upgrade legacy recording systems.

The first part of the JumpStart campaign, the ReCallibrate, allows an organization to maintain its current call recording software infrastructure, regardless of location or provider, while adding on features such as VoIP call recording to extend the recording capability to remote or teleworking users. The program not only adds functionality to keep legacy systems relevant today, but does so in a manner that does not interfere with the organization’s business process by seamlessly integrating into the legacy system by replicating its recording formats and interface.

Lyn Smith, SoundNotes Director of Sales and the program’s architect, describes it as a way to “add sophistication without complexity. To users, the system appears unchanged because the legacy system remains intact, whereas in actuality their system becomes rich with new features and recording capabilities that are streamlined into the existing infrastructure.”

The second part of the program, Recall-Upgrade (ReCallculate), is a limited time offer including a 20% discount on all new call-recording packages with free installation and free disposal of the legacy system.

About this aggressive offer, Smith says, “this promotion provides organizations an incentive to replace existing systems that, while still functional, should be upgraded before becoming obsolete. The phrase “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” no longer applies, because technology in this field is quickly outdated; companies using yesterday’s tools will fall behind and are hurt by the downtime. What we’re trying to do is prevent that from happening by upgrading before problems arise and providing pricing incentives to do so, leapfrogging our customers ahead of the competition.”

SoundRecall Your Call Center! runs today through to June 30 2008, for more information please call us at 416 255 2244 or email

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