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“With SoundRecall’s 3rd party call monitoring solution, I can supervise my agents from home or anywhere in the world on my laptop when I’m out of town. I even allow my outsourced clients to listen in on live calls to our agents”

SOLUTIONS: CALL RECORDING SOLUTIONS: Recording on Demand/Voice Signature

In enterprise and call center environments where monetary and other important transactions are taking place over the phone, there is an overwhelming need for recording calls for verification and liability reasons.

In centers that are equipped with call quality monitoring technology, the supervisor controls the recording schedules and calls are recorded at random. The agent does not have the ability to record at will.

SoundRecall Record on Demand (ROD) module is a simple solution that allows agents to start/stop recording a live conversation as needed. This can be either manual – where the agent triggers the start/stop, or automated so that the recording starts automatically when a particular screen is opened at the agent’s desktop. It’s a great application for companies’ dealing with credit card transactions or need a proof of customer authorization. Voice files can be easily catalogued and archived based on business rules.

SoundRecall™ provides the unique blend of liability recordings and Quality Monitoring with Record on Demand Capabilities to enable call centers and enterprises with sophisticated recordings suited to the entire call recording program.

Recorded files can be catalogued in separate directories or in the same manner as rest of the enterprise-wide calls – with ease and available when needed. The agent can also enter additional information about the call so the file is easily identified, such as customer account numbers, incident number, etc.

• Great for small operations
• Capture customer and file with contract details
• Automated or on demand
• Encrypt files for security
• Easily email recording to anyone (with security)

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