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“With SoundRecall’s 3rd party call monitoring solution, I can supervise my agents from home or anywhere in the world on my laptop when I’m out of town. I even allow my outsourced clients to listen in on live calls to our agents”


SoundRecall™ Remote-Monitor module provides real-time third-party call monitoring capabilities from virtually anywhere.

It leverages the existing monitoring capabilities within any ACD switch, by providing remote access to the SoundRecall™ solution suite. The remote supervisor / Quality Evaluator can listen in on any agent in the system, using a telephone and a few simple DTMF commands or using a full software application for audio streaming and standard telephone (VoIP or TDM).

Remote-Monitor does not require a fixed endpoint; in other words, the supervisor/manager requiring to monitor calls in a queue from a remote location does not need any specialized hardware to monitor agents for 3rd party call monitoring. As a result, supervisors are free to "listen-in" from virtually anywhere there is phone OR internet service.

• Hassle free “listen-in” from anywhere
• Ideal third party call monitoring solution for Outsourcers/Call centers
• Leverage existing Service Observe/Silent Monitoring capability in PBX/ACD
• Easy to install and manage
• Enhanced security with Authentication
• Audio listing via Telephone or audio streaming via the internet
• Affordable alternative for 3rd party call monitoring quality evaluators
• System management via a Web Browser interface making it easy to manage over any Operating System, such as Windows and Mac.
• Provides comprehensive reporting
• Integration with most popular PBXs such as Cisco, Nortel, Avaya, i3, Centrex, etc
• Windows and Linux supported

SoundRecall™ Remote-Monitor can provide a stand alone 3rd party listen in or work in concert with the SoundRecall suite of call recording, performance management and customer experience measurement suite of solutions. Designed to be affordable and easy-to-use, it can meet the needs of the most demanding recording and quality assurance program, while bringing sophisticated technology within reach of even the smallest call center.

It is an ideal solution where multiple users need to listen in or remotely record telephone conversations of agents for call quality evaluation.


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